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Dylan got a rough start at life from birth.  He was born in the back of a car and then taken to a hotel where he and his other siblings, were then dropped off in the backyard of an empty house.

If his story sounds familiar, it’s because he is the son of the famous “Roxy Mama” from our TV show “Pit Bulls & Parolees”  And despite he and his siblings coming to VRC as youngsters, Dylan from day one, had an “edge” to him that showed us that he wasn’t “into people” just like his Mama!

So he has remained with us all these years and lucky for him, he’s been living in the house with one of our employees and enjoying a good life.

Sadly, as of Dec. 7, 2021, we just found out that Dylan has cancer.  The vet is only giving him 3 – 6 months to live and we are beyond devastated.  Despite his snippity behavior (that we’ve come to love and put up with), and how tough he is, the “C” word is eventually going to take him from us.  Such a sad day here at VRC and for those that choose to sponsor him up until his last day, we truly appreciate you.

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