1. What is a Pit Bull?  Starting with the history of the breed and going into how they breed has been maligned by man throughout the years.  Where did it all go wrong?  When did it all go wrong?  Breed identification will be shown here. 
  2. Temperament – What is the true temperament for the breed?  The debate of human aggression vs. animal aggression?  We will also address the controversy of shelter temperament testing here.  Are fighting dogs able to be rehabbed? Can the family pet become animal aggressive?  The “terrible twos”.  But then again…isn’t it all in how you raise them….or is it? 
  3. Containment/Housing – One of the most important facets in owning this breed.  Show how athletic this breed can be.  Go over good examples of crates and kennels. Discuss escape proof yard techniques.  How this topic can make or break the breed and the responsibility for owning one.
  4. Training/Handling – Who do you trust as a trainer?  What is the best technique?  Proper training equipment.  How do you decide what type of training you need: group classes, private training, ?
  5. Multiple dog living – It’s difficult enough handling multiple dogs but when one is a Pit Bull does it make a difference?  Brawling among the “bullies”…do you know what to do?  Do you have the proper tools?
  6. To Breed or not to Breed – Is there ever a time when breeding is okay?  Is there such a thing as responsible breeding?  Does breeding really affect Pit Bull over population?  Probably the most controversial topic.
  7. Health Issues – Is this breed a “healthy” breed? What are some common issues?  Do Pit Bulls really have a high pain tolerance?
  8. Public Perception – Can you defend your breed? Do you know the accurate facts? Why does the media target these dogs?  Are you truly a responsible Pit Bull owner or are you adding to the problem without even knowing it?  
  9. Battling BSL – It’s popping up around the world.  Are you prepared to fight?  Do you know how to intelligently take on the politicians?
  10. Dogfighting/Abuse/Neglect – What to do about it.  Is it in your neighborhood? Do you know of a dog that needs help? Step by step on what to do.