Pit Bull Rescue 101



This document will give you a quick introduction into starting your own Pit Bull Rescue.  But be forewarned, there are more heartaches than smiles.  Sad but true.  So make sure you have thick skin and an even tougher attitude.        

             Here are the points we will be addressing.

  1. Breaking the Bully Bank – do you have the money to support your “habit”?
  2. It’s Not the Dog, It’s the Owner – is your reality check..in check? Do you REALLY know Pit Bulls like you should?  Dog fights and I mean YOUR dogs.  Do you know what to do if it should happen?  “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners”….does this mean every dog is adoptable?
  3. The Law vs. You – this will make or break your operation.  Make sure you do things on the up and up and be aware that BSL could be right around the corner.
  4. The Pit Bull Shufflehow are you planning on containing your rescue dogs?  Are you going to have a kennel, use your garage or keep them in your house? 
  5. The Pack I’m talking about the human one.  The affect it will have on your kids and significant other will be life altering.  Is your family ready to be dragged into this new lifestyle?  
  6. “Marketing Your Merchandise” – Adopting out Pit Bulls can be very difficult if not almost impossible. So you have to decide how you will run your “business”: with your heart or your head. 
  7. “Opening the Flood Gates” – Once you decide to pass business cards out, publish a website….are you prepared for what’s next?
  8. What does “rescue” mean? – There are several ways to get involved in the rescue world. What works best for you?  What defines rescue?
  9. Adoption procedures – How will you determine your adoption policies?  There are several “right” ways but definitely only one WRONG way. 
  10. You – Look at yourself inside and outside. What image are you putting out? Then there is “burn out” syndrome.  What can you do to prevent it from happening to you?