Bully Rehab

The following dogs are going through "rehab" as they have shown some behavioral issues, or they have medical issues we are working through. Depending on the outcome of their rehabilitation process will depend on when they will be put up for adoption.; Villalobos prides themselves on trying our best to thoroughly assess each dog. Though nothing is a "for sure" thing we at least want to make the attempt to work with each dog. The dogs here have either come with some problems that may or may not be worked out with training or we've come to notice after time that they have developed into some issues that need working with.; These issues can be anything from being overly dog aggressive, biting someone and we feel it was an isolated incident and it warrants figuring out….to a dog that humps everyone in his path. If you see a dog here that you are interested in adopting you may still apply for that dog and we will let you know what his/her status is in the rehab process.