Adoption status
Approx 2015


This piece of eye candy was dumped at our front gate like trash.  But they say “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”….so their loss is our gain!  Aboo is a very outgoing and his goofy puppy-like antics will require an experienced dog person.   He is extremely friendly with accenting on the “extremely” so this gorgeous guy could benefit from a fun based training class.  Unfortunately with the amount of dogs we now have it has become physically impossible for us to train each and every dog prior to adoption.  But with looks like Aboo…….yeah…you know he gets away with stuff….hahaha.  So far he has been dog friendly but he’s just very overwhelming so unless you have a well structured home life , for the average person, I would say let’s let him be the only dog in the home.  He’s going to need your undivided attention for now.  With his dreamy eyes and his silvery color…..you and Aboo are bound to turn heads.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Aboo will need an experienced dog handler because he is A LOT of dog and will need someone who can handle his energy level and provide him with more training.

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