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Approx. 2017
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Agnes is a purebred Great Dane.  She was found in a remote area of Assumption Parish, Louisiana.  Wandering the swampy area, she was so emaciated.  Thanks to a dog loving Assumption Parish deputy who spotted her pic on Facebook, he helped coordinate her rescue and eventually she came to us.

After much needed medical care and giving her some good ole TLC and food, she is ready for a new home. But…..she will need a “special” home due to her sometimes typical Great Dane ways.

Agnes HAS to be the only pet in the home.  No other dogs or cats.  I mean let’s face it, this is a whole lotta dog… only need her, right?

Agnes does love people BUT…..through the fence she will act like she wants to eat them.  Agnes is protective of her yard and home BUT…once you open the gate and go in, she becomes a lap dog.  So based on this, I think the perfect home for her would be as such:

Adult home or maybe even a single woman who wants to feel safe.  Agnes is very alert and will let you know when there is “stranger danger”  She is also a big lap dog and loves to cuddle in your lap.  She has had a rough life and with being 6 years old, she is half way through her life and deserves to spend her remaining years making someone feel safe.  She is a favorite among our employees and she is so well behaved on leash, in the car and in the house.  She is the PERFECT PROTECTOR.

C’mon ladies….Girl Power!!!

  • Not good with cats
  • Not good with dogs
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