Adoption status
Approx. 2014

Her eyes captivate you at first glance.  And her soul reaches right into yours and pulls you in and you have no control.  This beauty is like a magical unicorn.  Her name (spelled in two different ways) is of Gaelic origin and comes from the Irish meaning “a dream or a vision”.  And there is definitely something insightful about this girl.

Her rescue was featured on our TV show “Pit Bulls & Parolees” where she was dumped in one of the most desolate locations outside the New Orleans area.  Her ears had been butchered all the way off and down to her skull, yet she was so forgiving to our employees who rescued her.

Aislin (Aisling) is gentle and kind.  We are still determining if she is good around other dogs or not but as always with our Pit Bulls, we do prefer they go into homes as an only dog. But again, we are still figuring out how she would do in a home with another canine friend.

What an amazing creature this gem of a dog is.  We just adore her and we feel so honored to have had her come into our life.

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