Adoption status

Ali's story has made headlines.  He is one of THOUSANDS of Pit Bulls who has escaped the "holocaust" in Denver, Colorado.  In 2005, the city of Denver put out a ban on the breed.  But they took it too far.  Law enforcement began "busting down" Pit Bull owner's doors, barging into people's backyards and physically and forcibly confiscating privately owned Pit Bulls.  If owner's refused to hand over their beloved pets, they were then arrested.  It was something out of a sci-fi movie.  It was as if Hitler had invaded the city of Denver.  People began to go into hiding with their dogs.  Some were even arrested as they attempted to flee the city with their Pit Bulls in the car.  It was "Pit Bull genocide".  Ali was saved and put into hiding at a warehouse by obvious dog lovers.  There he sat for 3 years while these wonderful people risked their own freedom by hiding him.  It was by fate that our documentary film crew met Ali and his saviors.  He was then smuggled out of the state and brought to us by the film crew.  You can see Ali's story on the upcoming film: "Outlaw Dogz" at  But until then Ali still needs a home with an owner who is experienced with power breeds.  Ya know what they say……….ladies love outlaws.  I know I do.

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