Adoption status
March 2005 approx.
about 45lbs

UPDATE:  Angie's living the good life in Long Beach, CA with her family who adores her.  Enjoy these pictures sent in from Mike and Marina who said they wish they had adopted Angie a long time ago.  Good girl Angie, you deserve this happy ending.


This little gal had a guardian angel in her corner when she was found on the harsh streets of Los Angeles.  While most dogs get picked up by an animal control officer, a kind hearted L.A.P.D. officer showed Angie the true meaning of "To Protect and To Serve" And don't let the picture fool you:) You've got to see Angie in person- she is adorable!!! She's one energetic pooch.  This gal is so willing to please that formal training won't be a problem at all ! Not only does she love to go for a hike but she also is the perfect house dog.   Even though she's not quite Paris Hilton material, she's a lot sweeter than Tinkerbell and is our Mando's favorite little girl.  She will be a great addition to any home.  She gets along pretty well with dogs but no cats for our Angie.

Kids: good, but shouldn't be placed with really small children, she prefers the older ones.

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