Adoption status
Passed Away

Baxter is a Bluetick Coonhound who came to us right after Hurricane Florence. The storm destroyed the Carolinas back in 2018.  He along with 3 of his brothers were found swimming through the aftermath of the flooded area in South Carolina and were rescued by a local animal shelter.  One of the brothers got adopted out right away, while the other three remained in the shelter.  Baxter, Biscuit, and Barney sat there until we were alerted to them. We then made the drive and brought the “Bluez Brothers” back to Louisiana.

Right away we could see that they were filled with anxiety and chalked it up to PTSD from the storm.  The trio got bounced around from one location to another within the VRC organization.  They had actually lived with me (Tia Torres) 3 different times and have made full circle and are currently back here in “Swampton”

Unfortunately we have tried to adopt them out and they were returned due to their anxiety.  So living with me will be their “forever”….not like I needed 3 more hounds in my house..haha!

Out of the three brothers, Baxter is the more chill one but also suspicious of people he doesn’t know.   He’s my Cool Hand Luke for life.





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