Adoption status
Oct. 2014 (approx)
70 lbs. give or take

Baxter is a purebred Bluetick Coonhound who came to us right after Hurricane Florence. The storm destroyed the Carolinas back in 2018.  He along with 3 of his brothers were found swimming through the aftermath of the flooded area in South Carolina and were rescued by a local animal shelter.  One of the brothers got adopted out right away, while the other three remained in the shelter.  Baxter, Biscuit, and Barney sat there until we were alerted to them. We then made the drive and brought the “Bluez Brothers” back to Louisiana.

Very quickly we saw that all three of the brothers had PTSD from the storm.  They were frantic and filled with anxiety.  For the majority of their time with us, they have lived with our founder, Tia Torres.  Although they have calmed down quite a bit, our hope to adopt them out as a “family” is just not going to happen.  Together they are just “too much dog” for someone to handle.  So we have slowly been separating them with the hope that they can get a home of their own…on their own.

Baxter is the first of the brothers to be ready to venture out “solo”!  Here is the type of home he will need.  He likes being indoors and outdoors but he wants to be somebody’s indoor couch companion more than anything.  No more hunting for him!  He’s been living indoors and is quite comfy in his new life.

He does get along with other dogs but he doesn’t like rough play or dominant dogs pushing him around.  He will push back!  So if there are any doggie companions, they need to be gentle and laidback.   He is not that “wild hound” that is so symbolic of what you hear and see.  He is content just to be with his human and just hang out.

He can (every now and then) be a little suspicious of people he doesn’t know (only if they are on the other side of the fence) so he is an excellent watchdog (NOT A GUARD DOG).  He is always aware of “who is out there” so he will look out for you.

If there are kids in the home, they need to be older. He just doesn’t like chaos and a wild environment.  He’s been through so much already.

Our founder, Tia Torres says “If Jethro and his pack were accepting of another member, I would TOTALLY keep Baxter for myself.  He is such a cool dude.”  So there ya have it.  The stamp of approval.

To fill out an application for the coolest hound in town, fill out the online application right here on Baxter’s profile page.

  • Dog-friendly
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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