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March 17, 2011
He's a little guy/about 30 lbs.

Beaux's story is one of a hero.  He made front page news out here in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.  It happened one Spring day, when a little 12 year old got off the school bus in her neighborhood like she did everyday. And every day, the "neighborhood dog", Bo (Beaux) would run to greet her and follow her to her house. I say "neighborhood dog" because everyone took care of him.  The rumor was he had an owner but they didn't take good care of him and let him run the streets.  So the neighbors took turns feeding him and letting him hang out in their house.  But on this particular day, Bo was not himself.  Instead of the frolicking pup, he was frantic.  He barked at the little girl and kept running in circles towards the field that paralleled the canal. It was like a scene from Lassie.  Bo kept barking and trying to get the little girl to follow him.  She finally gave in and found herself looking over the edge of the bridge and down into the canal. With Beaux still frantically barking, the little was horrified at what she saw.  In the murkey water was what appeared to be a dead dog or at least a dog near death.  With most of his body submerged under water, only his head lay on a lily pad. Between Beaux's barking and the little girl's yelling, the almost drowned dog barely moved.  The little girl with Beaux at her side ran to her house and got her Grandmother and by now neighbors ran to assist in the rescue of the dog in the canal.  With the fear of poisonous snakes and alligators, the rescue became more serious as they tried to throw a rope down and loop the dog. Finally animal control had to be called in with the proper tools to reach down from the bridge. The big Pit/Hound mix was finally pulled to safety and as he lay there in the grass with his saviors trying to revive him and make sure he would make it, the littlest hero of them all: Beaux licked his face trying his best to make sure his new buddy was going to be okay.  The "canal dog" now named "Lucky" was taken to the animal shelter to receive medical care, leaving behind little Beaux still living on the street.  When we got the call from the little girl's family, we not only came to Beaux's rescue but also went to the shelter to get Lucky. Beaux has turned out and with no surprise to be one of the smartest dogs ever! He's very very sweet with everyone he meets but can be a little apprehensive when meeting new dogs.  He eventually warms up to them and is very playful.  Beaux is also very athletic and will need a secure yard. So if you're looking for a hero in your life, this little dude is a winner!

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