Adoption status
Approx February 2019

Ben came to us as a stray and we found through his microchip that he had an owner all the way in New Mexico… crazy right? Unfortunately, we were not able to reunite Ben with his owner after he stopped communication with us. Even though this made us incredibly sad, Ben has been such a great sport and is always happy!

He is a pretty unique dog, and in more ways than one! He is totally deaf, which is not a weakness at all. He had a special test done at LSU to confirm this. Ben is very intuitive and smart! He knows some sign language (sit and come), and he is a fast learner so we have no doubt that he could learn so much more. He is treat motivated which is super helpful with his training! Normally we would recommend an owner experienced with deaf dogs, but he is pretty easy, in fact, if we didn’t tell you he was deaf you probably wouldn’t know!

Not only is Ben a resident cutie pie at VRC, he has also become one of our best employees! He helps us with all of our dog testing!! Ben is perfect for dog testing because he adapts to what the other dog needs. He LOVES to play and is so down to wrestle, but he can also coexist with a dog who is not interested in rough housing. He has made so many canine friends!

Another fun fact about Ben is that he LOVES the water! Talk about an adventure pet! This is a dog you could take on hikes, swimming at the lake, or maybe just in your pool in the backyard, either way you can count him in! Even though Ben is an all star employee, we want him to get promoted to a FOREVER HOME!

  • Dog-friendly
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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