Adoption status
January 2002

If ever there was a sad rescue story, it was this old gal's. Benita was found along the long and lonely dirt road to Villalobos. Volunteers spotted the little brindle dog, hiding in the bushes and unable to move. Upon further inspection we could see that she was bleeding and had many injuries. We then realized that she had been attacked by coyotes, probably earlier that night. We had her treated by our vet and then began trying to figure out the rest of her story. Where did she come from? We soon learned that she had escaped from her yard, down the road, while her owner was in the hospital. But her sad tale, didn't end there. Her owner couldn't take her back due to his illness and as broken hearted as the elderly man was, we were told to look for a new home for her. Because Benita had spent her entire life living as an outdoor dog and this was the last place she remembered seeing her former owner, so she's developed a sense of abandonment. But as in indoor companion, she is perfect. She loves sleeping on her big, fluffy doggie bed. So if you're looking for a pal to watch you cook in the kitchen and watch re-runs of Married With Children, then this is your gal. Benita is one of the most perfect little dogs we've ever had.

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