Adoption status
November 2011 (approx)
Pit Bull
Medium about 50lbs

Oh my sweet Bianca.  I just adore her as she lived with me for awhile when we first rescued her.  Like so many of our  dogs, she was found as a stray in New Orleans. It was a very hot summer day in the Upper 9th Ward and one of our workers was driving into work.  As she flew past the intersection, she thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye and quickly glanced over her shoulder to see this poor dog, behind a chainlink fence of a Hurricane Katrina ravaged and abandoned school.

Hanging a “U” turn on the one ways streets of New Orleans takes more than a “minute” so several minutes later, our worker was able to circle the block and there this emaciated girl sat, waiting for someone to rescue her.  Walking up and down the fence line, our worker was desperate to get this dog off the hot asphalt and searched for a break in the fence.  Finally finding a “weak spot” she was able to pull the dog thru to the safety of her arms and into  an  air conditioned filled vehicle.

And like so many of our dogs and because we have so many, Bianca still sits here waiting for a family of her own.  But no fault of hers, she gets passed up (we have sooooo many black and white Pit Bulls). But truth be told, she just wants to lay on your couch and forget about the days of living on the streets, rummaging for food and trying to keep her little paw pads from being burnt off by the Louisiana sun.

Although Bianca behaves around dogs, we think she would prefer to the the only gem in your home.  She is so well behaved, quiet and let’s face it…..beautiful.

It is said that some meanings of the name “Bianca” are: luminous, sure to be loved and a welcomed find.  Won’t you be the one to make all of these things true?

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