Big Boy

Adoption status
Approx 2015
About 70lbs

How anyone could get rid of this dog is beyond me but it happened.  He was dropped off at our main facility in New Orleans.  As big and tough as this guy looks, he was petrified as we walked him past the rows of barking dogs and put him into a kennel.  How is it that we cared more about him than his owner?  It broke our hearts to have to do that but we had nowhere else to put him.

He is not doing well in a kennel environment and when we take him out into our office, he turns into a different dog.  Sweet, gentle, well behaved around children.  All he wants to do is play with toys and if he sees a puddle….he’s in it!  He seems to love the water.

We haven’t been able to get a true reading on his dog to dog behavior yet due to the stress he is under being in a kennel environment but ya know what…..this big guy is all the dog you need.  I say let him be your #1 in your house and live as the only pooch.  I mean…he deserves all the attention yes?

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