Adoption status
Dec 2009 (approx)

Words cannot describe this guy. I mean, are you kidding??? Just look at him! Eye candy on four legs. Blade was found at a county shelter. How someone could just leave this dog there is just unreal. But despite his drop dead gorgeous looks, Blade also has the personality to match. He is a very outgoing and energetic dude. Though he is an extremely happy go lucky dude, he will still need an experienced owner. Another thing to take into consideration on Blade is that unfortunately these "blue dogs" for some reason have been dubbed more valuable to street thugs and are often stolen. Any potential new owner has to have a very secure yard/house and must understand that they are basically adopting "buried treasure" that "pirates" will look for any opportunity to take. If we had a dime for everyone blue dog owner who called us stating their dog had been stolen, we'd be millionaires. So please understand that there is a big responsibility to owning this dog. More so than others. If you're up for the challenge and have what it takes, then this beautiful beast is the guy for you! Blade is also VERY dog aggressive and strong so someone with experience is a must.

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