Adoption status
March 2008 (approx)
about 50 lbs

Bond is one of our “Super Seniors”.  Despite heading towards his Golden Years…..he didn’t get the memo!  Not only is he very athletic, his energy level is off the charts (but not in a hyper way).  Although he is dog friendly…..he actually might be irritatingly too friendly…hahaha.  Honestly he is such an outgoing dog and full of life, I think he would be plenty for an owner as an only dog.  He just likes to keep busy.  Taking him out in public, I guarantee you that he will be the life of the party and the one wearing the lampshade by the end of the night.

Bond would enjoy a human partner that likes to hike, bike, skateboard (check out his video) and who knows…maybe even bungee jumping!  But what is really cool about this dude is that when all is said and done….he will simply flop on the couch and “chillax” with you over a beer and a pizza, binge watching a season of your favorite show.  This guy is just a fun pooch!

And if you’re wanting to see the story behind how Bond came to be with us, here’s a way back rescue video:

  • Dog-friendly
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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