Adoption status

Boomer's story is a sensitive one.  We've actually known Boomer since he was a youngster.  His own Terry Cordova was a dedicated volunteer here.  He and Boomer were the urban "Timmy and Lassie".  In March of 2009, we got a call of an abandoned dog.  Upon arrival we recognized Boomer right away but there was no sign of Terry.  Thinking that he had just run off with friends or some other type of "mischief" we took Boomer and a second dog (Bond) home with us.  But to our surprise and dismay, Terry never showed up.  To this day is remains a missing persons case with law enforcement.  Though we are hoping for the best and that Terry will come back, Boomer still remains in our kennel.  No matter what happened to Terry, he would've wanted Boomer happy and safe.  Boomer is such a sweet and happy go lucky dog. He has a great outlook on life and just melts everyone's heart within seconds.  Boomer so desperately needs a family to watch over him while we continue our search for his owner.  Look at this dog's face.  He needs you!

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