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June 27th 2012
teeny puppy size
Crate trained

Only a few days old, and this innocent little girl now named Brigitte (as in in Bardot), was almost dead before she got to take her first breath. It was just days ago, that a good samaritan brought us the newborn pup in a box. He had taken her away from some neighborhood kids who were running around the streets and showing her off as if she were some prize. In addition, she had a severely injured front paw that required immediate medical attention. We thanked the kind man and Bridget was put into a foster situation along with vet care. Within a couple of hours, the good samaritan returned but this time he had a woman with him. She jumped out of the car "screaming and hollering". Honestly, it was such a Jerry Springer moment that I couldn't understand most of what she was saying. Her story didn't match up as she claimed to "love her puppy" and "she had no f'n idea how those damn kids got her puppy". She began to hit the man/good samaritan, blaming him for everything and that's when it was apparent that she had other plans for this pup. When I refused to return the puppy to her, that's when the truth came out. She physically came after me, only to be dragged away by the "good samaritan" as she yelled…" I don't give an "F" about that puppy. I got 6 more at home that I can sell!!!". And they left. Sadly, word came back to us that the woman was seen selling the puppies from a box in front of a store just this past weekend. Though we don't hold much hope for these defenseless little ones, we can only thank the higher powers that they were watching out for Bridget. Though she won't be ready for quite awhile for adoption, you can follow her life each day as she grows into a little miracle. This is one very very special teeny tiny little gem.

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