Adoption status
October 1, 2009
about 50 lbs.

Yes this little guy has a very sad face. And he has every right to be.  You see Brownee lost his best friend in the world: his owner, his constant companion Mr.Murray.  We first met them when Mr. Murray, a kind and compassionate elderly man who needed help with his dogs.  He wasn't in the best health so he couldn't do much on his own, so we offered to get his dogs into safe enclosures (and off of their cables they were tied to) and have both dogs, Red and Brownee, taken to the vet for medical check ups.  It turned out that Red had a serious infection in his lungs and before we could do any emergency work, Red passed away at the vet.  Mr. Murray was beyond distraught and it was the though of losing Brownee that kept him strong.  Though Brownee had some minor medical issues, he was going to be okay.  Then a few weeks went by and we got a call that a "red Pit Bull microchipped to us" had ended up at the shelter here in New Orleans. When we went to pick him up, we realized that it was Brownee and we were puzzled because Mr. Murray would never leave Brownee alone.  They were together all the time.  When we called Mr. Murray's house an unfamiliar voice answered and identified himself as a relative.  He informed us that Mr. Murray had passed away a few days prior and that when they went to feed Brownee, he had bolted out the gate and ran away.  He knew that his best friend in the world had left him. He ran like the wind and didn't stop for anyone.  Where he was going, we'll never know.  But what we do know is that he's scared and lonely and misses his Mr. Murray terribly. Brownee is a gentle dog and perfect in the house.   Brownee is also available for adoption but due to his emotional trauma, he has to go to a very patient, quiet and special home and we realize he may be somewhat difficult to adopt out. Thus the reason we have also kept him on the sponsorship page.  He is still grieving but getting better with each day that passes. They say "time heals all". We just hope that someday "that time" will be with you.

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