Adoption status
April 2009 Approx
Medium (approx 50lbs)

She was first spotted on the onramp to the I-5 freeway in Sacramento, Calif.  She appeared to be searching for something, someone and frantically peered into each passing car.  She was hoping the owner that dumped her there would return and take her back to her warm and safe home.  But after days of watching cars go by, this little American Bulldog, took up refuge in a 30 acre dirt field.  With little shade to protect her from the hot summer sun, she mostly came out at sunset.  After a couple of weeks of wandering around the field, neighbors spotted her and began to try and rescue her.  But "Buffy" as they now named her, was too afraid of any humans and she would run and disappear among the shrubs and dirt.  The rabbits that bound throughout the vast field, would become her only friends for the next few months.  If not for the dedication of the good samaritans that fed and watered Buffy, she would've have died a slow death.  And despite their loyalty to her care, they still did not earn her trust.  Villalobos was called in, where a large enclosure/trap was constructed and after two days, we were able to "capture" her.  But what unfolded only hours later would be the most heart wrenching experience of the entire ordeal.  Once safe and in our hotel room and within the hour, this scared little girl became a playful and very grateful pup.  She threw a new toy and ball about the room and cuddled in our laps.  The transformation was astounding.  Buffy LOVES to play ball and with her toys.  She loves them more than anything!  She is also crate trained and just has become a silly little girl. But despite her "coming out of her shell" she still shows signs of trauma and will need a fairly quiet home with a patient owner. Buffy will always be one of those dogs that will forever leave an imprint on our hearts.  She is a one of a kind treasure.

  • Cat-friendly
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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