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This tiny little angel was brought to us by some good Samaritans that found laying along the Mississippi River, barely holding onto life.  She was so emaciated that I was able to carry her with one arm, meaning she only weighed around 20 lbs.  A dog for her size should be around 40 lbs.

She has gone thru extensive medical including several blood transfusions and she is finally on her way to recovery where we cannot wait for her to find a home of her own.

Her name pronounced “Ky-em” is Scottish/Gaelic for “sanctuary, and to remind one of being safe and loved even in the darkest of times”.  It has taken almost a year but Caim is finally ready for her own home!

She is completely healthy and so far….LOVES dogs!  Super outgoing, great in the house and is just a silly girl.

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