Adoption status
Sept. 2002 approx.
70 lbs.

Imagine you are a happy family. You have a baby on the way and a faithful four legged companion of 7 years at your side. Then the bad economy hits and you find yourself struggling to save your home. Reality hits too fast and the foreclosure notice comes and despite your battle, its time to leave. As you begin to pack up the house and look for a place to live, you realize that no one will rent to someone who owns a Pit Bull. You try to explain that he's an older dog and he is very well behaved and quiet. No one cares and you are down to the final day. You make that dreaded drive to the city shelter and within seconds of walking your loving friend into the noisy building, he begins to tremble and you see the fear in his eyes. He can smell the death and can hear the frantic barking of hundreds of desperate dogs. Your pregnant wife begins to cry and you can't take it any longer and you quickly leave with your canine buddy at your side. Now what? The three of you are camped out in the U-Haul truck in front of what used to be your home. The sun is setting and you've made tons of calls to various rescue groups. As the sun starts to set behind the mountains, the call comes in…..its Villalobos and they've agreed to take Capone. And though we are not exactly what Capone can call "home", your's is. Please give this gentle boy the ending to this story that we all need to have in these hard times.

He loves his blankie, tennis ball and car rides.  One of Tania and Mariahs favorites,  cos according to them, he's one hell of a snuggler.

Kids: great, very gentle

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