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Chalmette first came to us thru the Katrina hurricane disaster.  Not only was she and the rest of her family victims of the country's worst natural disaster, but they also lived in an abusive and horrible living situation.  Her story is a complicated one but one that restores faith and that truly shows that "things happen for a reason".

It was a couple of months of Katrina had come and gone and Villalobos was dealing with the 60 or so Katrina Pit Bulls that they had taken in.  Despite trying desperately to reunite dogs with their owners, we only had two come forward.  One of those was a little white Pit Bull named Taz.  His owner had identified him and we couldn't be happier.  Sounded like a caring man on the phone so we decided to bring the little guy back to New Orleans to what we thought would be a happy ending.  Unlike many other rescue groups who simply put their dogs on a plane and shipped them back, we drove Taz back to the Big Easy.  Despite this being Taz's rightful owner, we still wanted to make sure that his home was a safe one.  Upon arrival, our two volunteers stood their in shock.  Pit Bulls everywhere and chained up to fences, living in mud and no shelter.  One vision that caught their eyes immediately was a little brindle mama dog and her 3 puppies.  Quickly my volunteers jumped back in their car as Taz's owner and family members chased them down.  

Our volunteers and Taz made the drive all the way back to California but could not forget what they had seen. So we reached out the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter and begged them for help.  Now mind you, all of the animal shelters were OVERWHELMED with Katrina animals and still dealing with no power, no supplies, etc.  But they stepped up to the plate and confiscated all of the dogs at Taz's former owners house.  The dogs were all then shipped to us: Phoenix, Spice, Pibbles and her 3 pups: Monroe, Alexandria and Chalmette.

Everyone eventually got adopted and we thought we had our happy ending…..finally!

Seven years later, I got "the phone call".  It was Chalmette's adopter.  She needed to "return" Chalmette.  Apparently she had gotten herself up to 3 dogs (unbeknownst to us) and the dogs were all fighting.  Despite Chalmette being with her seven years, she wanted to let her go.  It was heartbreaking to watch this adorable little girl, go from living in Hell, being saved and getting her own comfy bed to sleep on in a home….to now living in a kennel here at Villalobos.  I would have to say, my heart breaks most for her right now.

Chalmette is absolutely PERFECT and sooooo well behaved.  If someone is looking for a cuddle partner, then this little dollface is the one!

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