Adoption status
June 2003 approx.
about 65 lbs.

If ever a dog had a guardian angel, it was this freckled face boy. Cojo was the victim of abandonment. His owner moved out of his house in Las Vegas and just plain left him in the yard. What the hell are people thinking when they do this? He could've starved to death before someone found him. But thankfully the property was being looked over by a maintenance man who in turn called the owner of the house. The owner who lived in Alabama, just couldn't let this dog starve or end up in the city shelter. So he flew out to Las Vegas to meet who would soon be Cojo. He promised the now happy go lucky dog, that he would take care of him and find him a new home. Cojo though 6 years old or so, is a very energetic dog who loves to play. He's looking for his own "landlord" with the hope that he will have that forever home. 

  • Dog-friendly
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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