Adoption status
approx. Nov. 2003
perfect little Pit Bull size

One of our many Katrina dogs that never became re-united with their owner. We were just now able to put Colleut up for adoption because of health issues. She is now good to go and full of piss and vinegar. But after her ordeal in Louisiana, she deserves to act as wild as she wants. Colleut is one of my favorite dogs here and she is happy 24/7. I've yet to see her sad or in a "bad mood". She LOVES to go for walks or should I say runs. If you're looking for a fun gal who likes to hit the town, this your dog. She said anyone who adopts her needs to get the limo ready and let's head out to Vegas. Colleut is definitely your party animal.


We are so happy that Colleut has found her forever home, it is always extra special for us when one of our Katrina dogs gets adopted….especially one as sweet as her.

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