Adoption status
Passed Away

Yes, we know.  Her eyes are captivating.  This girl has had a rough life.  Featured on one of our episodes on “Pit Bulls & Parolees”, we were called to a local animal shelter to take her due to some aggressive behavior.  Once there it was apparent that she was so stressed out and untrusting of any human.

Cordelia Rose has actually been living with me (Tia Torres) and is perfect in the house.  She will need a somewhat quiet home as every now and then she gets that untrusting behavior with someone she doesn’t know (it has only happened a few times).  She seems to go well with other dogs although there have been a couple she didn’t get along with so it just depends on your dog’s personality and temperament to see if he/she is a match for our redhead.

All she wants is a structured and quiet home that she can call her “forever place” and maybe a place to curl up on your couch.  She’s is an absolute gem.

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