Adoption status
Approx May 2015

Yes….you can go ahead and say it….isn’t he absolutely one of the most gorgeous dogs you’ve ever seen?  I should know…I tried to steal him for myself…hahaha.  Creole came to us thru our “rural/country” location in Assumption Parish.  And although he’s technically a “swampie”,  I’m sure he could adjust to livin’ life on someone’s couch ANYWHERE.

He does pretty good around other dogs but he tends to get too excited so we will have to work on his “dog to dog manners”.  But as far as being a house dog goes….he is great!  Creole also wants you to know that there is no denying his Louisiana roots…he loves the water!!!  So if you like to go camping, to the lake….this beautiful hunk of perfection is the pooch for you.


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