Adoption status
Approx March 2016
Approx 85lbs

Meet Daniel. He has a very sad story, his owner passed away tragically and he had nowhere to go. He was instantly sweet and trusting with all of us. He did struggle to settle in at first but we were able to create a space for him that made him comfortable. He’s big and strong but he’s so soft and gentle. He’s also smart! He rocked the agility course today! He tired out after a few rounds but I (Lizzy) see that as a good thing. He’s down to play and learn but can also calm down quickly-perfect balance of energy. I was thrilled to spend time with him and watch him tackle each obstacle with ease. At one point he stopped on top of the cat walk to take in the fresh air, and as he stood there with his nose up, you could truly feel everything he is-a brave and kind spirited friend. If you are interested in Daniel (must be the only pet), fill out an application.

  • Not good with dogs
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