Adoption status
May, 2010 (approx)
Medium (approx 50lbs)

Debbie along with her two puppies were found in one of the most deplorable conditions in an abandoned house, we've ever encountered.  Living in feces and trash and left by her owners locked inside with no food or water, she still had an uplifting attitude and was so grateful for the help that we gave her and her two pups.
Debbie is a high spirited dog and bears a 24/7 smile.  She is EXTREMELY friendly with everyone she meets….on two legs.  However, she is hyper sensitive to certain situations (other dogs, cats etc) She is the PERFECT house dog, but has a tendency to get very over stimulated, if introduced correctly she gets along with other dogs but seeing a random dog on the street is hard for her…she has been through training which has helped TREMENDOUSLY..but it is something that will have to be kept up for life…she is VERY smart, willing to please and a quick learner ….But it's her outgoing personality and silliness that infects your heart. Still practically a puppy herself, Debbie will need an active owner, a fun owner and well basically…..girls just wanna have fun!

LATEST UPDATE:  Yes Debbie was on one of our latest episodes showing as finally getting her forever home.  Sadly within a week, she was returned by the adopter claiming he got "nervous" because she "barked" at some kids as he walked Debbie on leash. *sigh* Debbie gets so excited to see anyone and everyone which explains this behavior. So little Miss Debbie is back with us wondering "what happened" and missing sleeping in that beautiful condo and sleeping on a fuzzy carpet for the first time in her life.  So Debbie needs rescuing again and hopefully this time…it will be forever.

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