Adoption status

Dexter's story is unlike any you've ever heard.  This adorable and innocent little fellow was found by law enforcement in a shed in a trailer park…..with his dead owner.  The owner had been a drug addict and apparently overdosed and dropped dead in a locked shed. Almost a week went by and little Dexter began to wither away from starvation and was almost dead himself. His survival instincts then kicked in and this pathetic little pup began to eat his owner's flesh to stay alive.  Just the thought of him having to do this breaks my heart.  He is such a special pupster and after what's he's been through, he deserves the absolute perfect and ultimate home. Dexter already knows sit, down, shake, and speak! He's super smart! He's a dominant little man, so he will only be adopted out to expierenced pit bull owners only.

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