Adoption status
Approx May 2015
About 15lbs

Calling all trainers! Calling all trainers!! This dogs is a trainers DREAM!!!!!! Her name is Donuts, she's about 8 months old, she looks like a pug/wired haired terrier mix, and currently weighs about 15lbs. She already knows, sit, down, shake, roll over and can walk other dogs on the leash 🙂 She responds to food, toys and praise. She's VERY agile and would excel in agility. She's our 'dog testing' dog…as she's BRILLIANT with other dogs….she knows who to be calm around & know who wants to have fun. This dog is a serious catch! Donuts LOVES to play, and has lots of energy but is a serious snuggler too. She's crate trained & LOVES going for car rides. Can anyone say movie dog???!!

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