Adoption status
approx. Jan. 2004
He's a tall boy

Class clown is the word that comes to mind with this big Argentine Dogo/Pit Bull mix. Firstly he is HUGE and very tall. His tail is so strong and non-stop wiggly waggly, that he can wipe off a coffee table in one swipe and….give you welts on your legs at the same time. Oh what you go thru to have a happy dog. But Dude's life didn't start off so well. He was originally turned into the animal shelter because he jumped out of a second story window and broke his legs. His owner didn't have either an explanation of what happened nor the money to pay the vet bill. So the animal shelter took "The Dude" on handled all of his medical. He of course bounced right back and is one of our most athletic dogs here! He loves to run, run, run…..and HE LOVES THE WATER! He would make the ultimate biking, jogging and hiking dog. He ADORES everyone he meets and literally nothing bothers this dog! But what we love the most are his insanely goofy antics and all you can do is laugh. We're thinking that if they are casting for "The Hangover, part 3" this is your man!!!

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