Adoption status
Approx 2013
Big Boy about 70lbs

This hottie is ready for love in his life.  I found this darlin’ of a dog, all alone, sitting in the rain under the dugout of a baseball field.  When he spotted my vehicle, he became so relieved that someone was there to save him and ran right up to me.

Dugout is very well behaved but he will need an experienced dog handler for when he get’s excited and wants to play, he’s like a freight train running off the track.  But the great thing is…it’s all in fun.  Although he behaves around other dogs,  we want him to be placed as an only dog.  I mean let’s face it….he’s all the dog anyone needs.

He loves every human he meets but we did notice that he will cower if you raise your voice or your arm so obviously someone thumped on him.  For this reason, he either needs a patient man or a woman who can handle those muscles.  Speaking of muscles…..he LOVES to have them massaged!

He’s ready to find love and with looks like these….I’d say someone will hand him a rose pretty soon.

ADDITIONAL NOTES:  Due to the specific guidelines we have set for someone wanting to adopt him, we know that this process might take longer than most.  For this reason we have added him to our Sponsorship Program!

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