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March 17, 2010
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Some training

When we got the 911 call for (2) drowning dogs in the gator infested bayou, we sprung into action.  The caller was pretty panicked as we stayed on the phone with him and rushed thru the middle of New Orleans.  We were ready to fend off the gators and use our blades to cut thru the thick swamp trees.  Well that is….until we arrived at the location to what could only be described as the most beautiful park complete with a bridge and couples in love canoeing around the lake.  Little ducks "quack quaked" as children fed them crackers from the beautifully groomed lawn.  Was this a joke? More like a misunderstanding.  We found the caller across the bridge and indeed, he and other fellow animal lovers had managed to round up the little portly black Pit Bull mix and her little springy Shiba Inu mix friend. And yes it was true that these dogs needed help and witnesses had observed their owner open his truck door and shove them out.  As we listened to the park goers talk about the dogs and how they needed our help, we still couldn't get past "bayou vs. park". Who knows what the caller was thinking.  Maybe one man's junk is another man's treasure.  Maybe he did it to get us to take the dogs.  But regardless of where we got Ebony and her friend Ivory, they still needed to be rescued.

Ebony is excellent in the house and LOVES other dogs including small ones.  She's low key and calm yet she will still play and loves to lay around on her bed. She is one of our Service Dogs In Training.  But she can still go to a regular home with a regular family.  She will just be a dog with alot of training and who's going to complain about that? 🙂  But if you are someone in need of a Service Dog, once she passes her testing, we will post her up as a Certified Service Dog where she will become a wonderful representative for our breed. 

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