Adoption status
Passed Away
You first met her when we rescued her out here in the country (Assumption Parish). We had received several calls about a Hound wandering the roads, “bleeding from everywhere”.
Despite the many tumors all over her body and in her mouth, she was still so sweet and SO thankful when we picked her up. You know how dogs sound when they get that overly excited squeaking? Well that was Esmeralda. Just happy to be saved.
Thinking that all we had to do was to remove these bloody tumors, we couldn’t wait to get her into the vet and make her feel better. Our hearts were shattered when we were told she had bone cancer (thus the reason for her limp). And with her size and age, amputation just wasn’t an option.
So Esmeralda is on a pain management program and just in case we missed “some miracle”, we are taking her to LSU Vet Clinic this week to see if specialists can think of ANYTHING.
We don’t expect Esmeralda to be with us long, but we want her to have the best life she’s ever known.  And with your help, we can make this happen.
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