Adoption status
(approx) 8/98
approx. 85 lbs.

For the record, he's not a Pit Bull, but an Argentine Dogo, but what a story on this guy.  I train dogs for the film industry and was called upon to find a big white "Pit" with cropped ears for a huge ad campaign.  I saw him online at one of the shelters.  The problem was that he wasn't available yet because he had been impounded as "evidence" because he was with his owner when he got arrested on a parole violation.  So in order for me to get the dog, I had to have permission from the owner or wait out the holding period of about two months.  Well I wanted him out right then and there and couldn't stand the thought of him sitting in the shelter all that time.  So I put my best detective work together and found out what prison the owner was sent to (a true Charlie's Angel never reveals her sources).  I then contacted another "connection" of mine who knew a guard that worked at that prison, who then took a note to the owner and had him sign the dog over to me. The note was hand delivered and "voila", Guapo was sprung!!! Another little tidbit.  It's because of Guapo that I met my now husband…….oh yeah, "Enquiring minds" what to know, heh? Well that's another story in itself 🙂

Other dogs: He behaves on leash around them, but needs to be the only dog in the home

Kids: He's very polite around them but he's such a wussy that he needs to be in a home with older kids.

  • Not good with cats
  • Not good with dogs
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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