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What’s in a name? Well….in this case, “Hoolie” as we like to call him, definitely started off that way…a legit Hooligan out of the gate! He was a very naughty boy when we first got him..hahaha!  Our little country fox was quite the mischief maker thus the reason, we finally ended up sending him to our Underdogs Prison Dogs Program.

Our prison dog program is located in PA and ran by one of our VRC dog trainers.  At the prison, the dogs are trained by inmate dog handlers and then socialized with the other dogs.  From there, they then get put up for adoption and on to their happy forever after!  All of the dogs are completely obedience trained and even learn some fun tricks!

Since doing his time in the slammer, Hooligan has settled down quite a bit but still has that fun side of him that sneaks out every now and then. He is good with other dogs and kids but no kitty cats!  He has an adventurous spirit and loves being mentally challenged to do new things.

Although Hooligan does get along with other dogs, he needs to be with dogs his size or bigger.  He is good around kids but they need to be a little older/bigger as well.  But despite his sometimes mischievous ways, Hooligan has picked up on his training like a pro and is ready to explore the rest of the world.  The question is….are you as adventurous as he is? 🙂

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