Adoption status

What is wrong with people?  Why did someone stick this little girl in a cardboard box in the middle of the summer and leave her on someone's front doorstep? Then again this is a society where women dump their unwanted babies in dumpsters.  Unreal.  But despite this little pupster's ugly start at life, she shows no signs of hating those that hated her.  She is very outgoing and fearless.  She has been raised in a house full of dogs and cats.  Don't let JoJo's cute looks tempt you based on those cute puppy dog eyes…..any potential adopters must be keen to how much work goes into raising a puppy.  Puppies pee, poop and whine and chew and nip at you with their sharp little teeth and poop and pee and bark and did we say poop and pee?  If this hasn't scared you off yet, then she may be the pooch for you!

JoJo is 7 months old, and gets along great with kids, dogs and cats! She's a happy social easy dog. House trained, crate trained,  has basic training (sit
down stay)

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