Adoption status
Passed Away
October 2003 approx.
he's a big one, about 75 lbs.

Yet another Katrina dog that went un-noticed.  Joshua was found after the hurricane disaster, hiding under a house with a big chain and padlock around his neck. Such a common scenario for a Louisiana dog.  Most of them were found with chains dragging from their necks.  Josh managed to find refuge under a house.  Though it's been years after this horrible event, Josh still bears the emotional scars of what he went thru.  He is still very shaken up and gets spooked easily.  He will need someone with patience and understanding.  He is a big Pit mix so he will also need someone who can work with him physically until he reaches his training potential but course Villalobos offers lifetime training so he is always welcome here to learn.  This big gentle giant is so desperate to have a quiet and secure place to live out the rest of his life.

Joshua would make a great watch dog, but he needs a soft warm bed to sleep in as under that 'guard dog' exterior is quite the softy.

**Update** On 4/15/2014 sweet Josh passed away in his sleep.  Run free big boy, with all the other good ones.  

  • Not good with cats
  • Not good with dogs
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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