Adoption status
Oct. 2006 approx.
65 lbs

Yet another owner turn in, at one of the many Los Angeles animal shelters.  When I first spotted him my reaction was…”how could such a beautiful dog end up in doggie jail?”  But the reality is…..they just do.  Justice has been with us since the California days.  And despite his strikingly gorgeous looks, he still sits here waiting for someone to make him a part of their family. We even tried featuring him in our first calendar with Tia’s daughter, Tania.

He is a very outgoing dog, full of energy…..well actually ….did I say full of energy?  Yes Justice is a part of our “Super Seniors” group.  This means that despite his “elderly” age,  no one told him 🙂  He acts like a one year old frat boy.  But that all being said, he can still curl up on the couch and “take a break”.

It is always so sad when our dogs grow “old” in our kennels.  And despite Justice being here for years, he still keeps that upbeat attitude and is hopeful that someone will see in him, what we do.  Will it be you?

  • Not good with cats
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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