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Pit Bull

Yes, I know his appearance is shocking.  And this is probably why he was passed up at a local animal shelter up until the day of his scheduled euthanasia.  Thankfully a former VRC employee spotted this little angel and contacted us.

As obvious as it appears, the little compact dude was found as a stray by local animal control.  He had been torn to pieces by what appears to be other dogs.  Add to his horrific condition, it was also determined that he had been doused with some sort of chemical or boiling hot water as his body is also covered in burns/scars.

His muzzle/lips have been ripped off which leaves him with a permanent “smile” and while we think it’s endearing, at a glance, most think he is “snarling.”   If you only knew….he is a complete mush.

Now named “Kenai” (as in the movie Brother Bear), our little cub is the most wiggly, waggly and kissy face pooch you could ever meet.  We have no idea why or how he has forgiven any human whatsoever.  He is a much better “person” than anyone I’ve ever met.

Sadly Kenai was just diagnosed with “babesiosis” aka “the dog fighting disease”  This is a blood infection caused by ticks and is very common in the Pit Bull world of dog fighting.  When a dog is bitten by another dog who contracted the disease from a tick, it is then transmitted through the saliva and into the receiving dog’s blood.  So not only does Kenai bare they physical wounds from a dog fighting situation but now the internal pain as well.

He is on a strict regiment of medications and all we can do now is hope for the best.  It can be fatal but we are hoping that with all the love he gets from employees and sponsors, that he will beat it and live to see the day that he finally gets a home of his very own.

So, who wants to sponsor the dog with the 24-hour smile? 🙂

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