Adoption status

Our resident pocket Pit was found along the edge of a desolate highway in the middle of the swamp.  Good Samaritans alerted us to the injured little girl who just lay their helpless and scared to move.  Upon scooping her up into our vehicle, it was then that we realized her injuries were pretty severe.   Her rectal area was literally “squeezed” out of her either from blunt force trauma (maybe getting hit by a car) or ?  Either way, the thought of someone hurting this little “itty bitty” was heart wrenching.

“Kula” has gone thru one surgery so far but will require much “R & R” time.  Although she is doing well for the most part, her surgery was risky and the success rate is not that good.  So as we sit here, waiting……Kula’s spirit keeps us all feeling positive.

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