Adoption status

This dog is nearly PERFECT! I'm not a huge fan of Pit mixes as most of my dogs are these 100 lb. purebred ghetto looking beasts. But this little gal has won me over which is why I've had a hard time parting with her. She was brought to me by one of my employees after he found her on the highway, hit by a car. After major surgery and a $700 vet bill later, she is fully recovered and the best dog I think I've ever had here. She's been raised in our house filled with noisy teenagers, loud music, a pack of dogs of all sizes, cats, etc. She is completely crated trained and loves to play with the dogs. But she does still have some puppy antics and sometimes digs in the trash. I guess that means we have to dump our trash more often. We'd like to see her go to a home with another big dog to hang with, preferably a male dog as every now and then she's gotten into tiffs with our female dogs. Typical female Pit Bull though. Lacey is the best! Did I mention she was nearly PERFECT?!

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