Adoption status
April 1st, 2006
Medium (approx 50lbs)

Never in Villalobos history, have we had a dog like LaTwanda.  A dog so abused and tortured, yet completely forgiving. We were called to Jackson, MS to assist with some of the problems that plague dogs in a small suburb there.  While driving thru what is considered the "rough part of town", we spotted a little black dog. limping down the street.  As we tried to catch her, she ran off as though we were out to kill her. After chasing her for miles, we were finally able to corral her on someone's porch.
Upon rushing her to a local vet, it was determined that not only did she have a severe and old injury due to being kicked or blunt force trauma, but she had multiple and very infected puncture wounds from being attacked by a dog, heartworm disease, a broken tail, a canine version of an STD from being raped by numerous dogs and……two gun shot wounds.  How she survived is still not only a mystery but a miracle.
Now completely healed La Twanda is one of the most loyal and loving dogs we've ever met.  She needs to have an owner that will give her the utmost devoted attention.  She craves and cherishes every pat on the head, every hug and with each walk she will fall more in love with you each moment that passes.  She's fine to live with another dog but prefers the mellow easy going kind to little puppies jumping all over her.  She's also great with kids as she is very calm and loving.  She is also very well behaved in a home.
 She is house trained and crate trained.

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