Adoption status

This stunning beauty is a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix and has legs for days.  Luna was found as a stray out in the swamp and is sweet as pralines!  And did you know that Catahoulas are the official state dog of Louisiana?

Luna does get along with dogs BUT she will get overstimulated with too many dogs at once and if the other dog gets too rough.  She can get a little “spicy” if the play is not monitored but it also depends on the other dog.  She does well when playing with a couple of my dogs but it becomes “too much” if there are too many for her to interact with. For this reason, we are probably going to want to place her as an only dog.

This gal is energetic, athletic, and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  She is also perfectly crate trained.  Luna is also a part of our Underdogs Prison Dogs Program so she will come FULLY trained and even know some fun tricks!

Luna is the classic Catahoula (temperament-wise).  Please do your homework on the breed before applying for adoption.  Like the Cajun people of Louisiana, this girl is fun looking for a place to happen!




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