Adoption status
July 23, 2010
a compact 40 lbs

The first thing you notice are his dreamy eyes. They hypnotize you like "magic".  But this sweet looking boy didn't always look this beautiful.  He was spotted dodging in and out of traffic by one of our volunteers.  His ribs stuck out and he was scrounging for food.  They were able to lure him into their care with French Fries.  But it wasn't until then that they saw the real damage.  His throat had been slit from ear to ear. The infection had already settled in so it was a miracle that he was still alive. After taking him to the vet, we then were told in addition to his obvious serious situation, he was also heartworm positive.  Magick has now gained some weight, his wound healed and he is currently going through heartworm treatment.  But despite his condition, Magick keeps a very upbeat attitude and his very very very energetic and a silly boy who LOVES to go running.

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