Adoption status
Jan 2015
Approx 45lbs
Crate trained

Super sweet. Very shy and not confident out in the real world. She does a lot better with a confident male dog around to show her the way. For this reason we would like to place her with another dog because she is very nervous going out on her own.

Does best with a dog that is not super hyper and can back off when she’s done playing. She loves to go to the park and bask in the sun. Loooves water.

Really enjoys kids. But since she is shy we would prefer to place her in a home w dog savvy children.

She is very affectionate and looooooves to be loved. And it’s worth saying her shyness is a lot to do with the outside world. When she’s around people in a safe space she’s all over you.

  • Dog-friendly
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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