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Passed Away

We got the call out in our rural country location, that an owner was  having issues with her dogs and needed help immediately.  Upon arrival, we found a male and female Pit Bull in the same cage.  The male was extremely aggressive and was beating up the 10 year old blind female Pit Bull.  Every time we got close to the cage to try and help her, the male dog would then attempt to attack us.  After some creative dog handling skills,  we managed to pull the female dog to safety.

We named her “Ollie Belle” and although she was pretty beat up, her attitude was “upbeat”.  She is still in pretty bad shape, with a serious case of heartworm and has mast cell (a form of cancer).  This Southern belle will remain with us for the remainder of her life where all she will know from now on, is the comfort of a couch.

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