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Passed Away

And he earned every bit of his name.  Alluding authorities for almost a year, this hot looking guy hung with a group of homeless people.  But unlike other "homeless" dogs, this one looked like someone spent some money on him and that he came from a caring home.  The first thing animal control noticed is that his ear crop job was done professionally which is costly.  So who was missing this gorgeous dog?  But that question didn't have a chance to get answered, as he began to get himself into "mischief".  And unlike most dogs owned  by homeless people,  this crafty fellow didn't always hang out with his camp or on street corners pandering for money.  He had his own agenda which sometimes landed him in the backyards of unsuspecting home owners, or in their trash cans or sometimes chasing their pets.  So law enforcement began the hunt.  He out ran them, out witted them and even ended up on the roof of a house to evade incarceration. All the while, his big alligator grin stretched from ear to ear.  He was having a blast.  Eventually animal control was able to catch him where he was given to us.  To this day, the Outlaw has proven to be quite the handful but all in the name of fun.

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